Because sleeping rough is tough



Jean's Diary - Episode 3

Feb 28, 2016

"We are big enough, we are rich enough, that we don't need to have poverty in Australia. We need to better look after our own and be in a position, morally and globally, where if someone needs help, let's give it to them." Jean's Diary this week.



Feb 26, 2016

The feeling you get from helping others never leaves you.

-Street Swags provide water-proof, basic shelter to people experiencing homelessness. A bag with room for extra belongings, the Street Swag is made of high-quality Australian canvas that is mildew resistant and breathable. The Street Swag also has a high-density flame resistant foam mattress. Designed for those living on the streets, its discreet appearance and camouflage colours offer warmth, comfort and safety to those who need to be invisible.


Jean's Diary - Launch Episode

Feb 25, 2016

Episode One of Jean's Diary - the latest from Street Swags' founder and CEO.
Not so well today but keen and excited to share the week's events and plans for 2016.

Jean Madden is the Founder and CEO of Street Swags, the Australian charity operating since 2005, making and delivering swags to our homeless sleeping rough, running Community Healing programs in regional communities and spearheading the new social enterprise - Swags With Walls - to give more Australians the opportunity to have secure housing and own their own home.