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Aussie Summer Appeal

Donate today and provide warmth and safety.

While we celebrate a new year and bask in these summer days we always need to remember others in our community who have fallen on hard times.This summer we are receiving a huge influx in orders because of the weather conditions. We have agencies, churches, and not for profits all over Australia reaching out trying to get as many swags as possible, because those that are sleeping rough need shade protection during the day from the current heat wave and at night need to keep dry from the summer storms and wild weather. Our new Matilda swag has been designed with a 2mtr section of pullout canvas that can be used as a temporary shade structure during the day to allow the rough sleeper to stay cool and at night it converts to a completely waterproof shelter allowing them to stay dry and warm. This Summer we need to look after those in our community that are doing it tough. So Lets again band together and make as many Matilda's as possible and help as many rough sleepers escape the heat and stay dry this summer.