Because sleeping rough is tough

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This pack is part of a brand new initiative Street Swags are releasing that aids in educating the younger generation about a big social issue, it also encourages young prep and primary students to fund raise for people that are not as fortunate as themselves, and lastly it connects the homeless with the community. It lets them know that they are not alone, and that there are classrooms full of bright eyed primary students that are actively raising funds and learning about homelessness and  coming up with new ideas that help the homeless in their cities.

Each Learners Pack comes with a fully operational unopened MATILDA so the entire class can touch , see, and even sleep inside the swag to get a very realistic idea of what life can be like at night for those that sleep rough. Our Brand new Learners Packs have been specifically designed to help teachers bring the issues of homelessness into their classrooms on a very soft and safe level. The tools in these packs help the children establish a rounder more informed understanding of who is homeless and how people end up being homeless.

why not gift a Swag. We send through a personalized certificate as soon as you order that allows you to see exactly where the Swag went. This is a great way to help those in need. Our charity will most likely gift this swag to a rough sleeper that is trying to make it through the night in freezing cold condition's with very little warmth.. Profits from the sale of swag donations will go directly towards purchasing more material for our swag production PLEASE NOTE AT CHECKOUT YOU WILL BE ASKED FOR YOU ADDRESS SO THAT WE CAN SEND YOU OUR FREE SWAG BROCHURE PACK, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE SWAG , THIS WILL BE SENT TO A PERSON IN NEED

$12.00 AUD