Because sleeping rough is tough


We have always believed that social justice classes and programs in the school curriculum play an incredibly important role in education our youth and our students about homelessness. Homelessness is a social issue that we believe from our front line experience over the past 14 years is starting to reach a point of critical mass. Each year we make and handout more swags than the year before, each year we see less government funded resources, less crisis accommodation centers for these people.

The numbers of people finding themselves homeless grows at an alarming rate each year, and the resources there to help them each year continue to decline. This is why we have a real agenda here at Street Swags to come to your school, to stand up on your stage at your assembly and to talk to your students. The way forward we believe is through education, it is through understanding and it is through action. When students hear the stories of what causes homelessness, and they can separate that traditional profile of a homelessness 60 year old man with a scruffy beard and an alcohol addiction, then they can become really engaged. We have seen some amazing projects initiated or born from our initial visits and from the educational tools we provide. So please feel free to right click save and print this brochure.

We believe this brochure is one of the best lightweight schooling information packs addressing all the myths and facts around homelessness. Over the years we have attended dozens of schools and this information pack was an accumulation of all those questions we where ever asked all the way from prep to grade 12 students. If you think your school would be interested in having us attend a class, or an assemble to help promote this incredibly important topic into the schools curriculum or one of your schools social justice programs, then please make contact so that we can organise a time to talk you through our new School Based Learning Pack.

This includes a stack of educational tools and a full demonstration of our Jumbuck swag,so students can understand what life actually looks like for a homeless women or a homeless man. We hope to hear from your school shortly.