Because sleeping rough is tough


A bag with room for extra belongings, the street swag is made of super lightweight waterproofed canvas with a high-density foam mattress. It offers its users a degree of comfort, warmth and protection from the weather.

Designed for those living on the streets, its discrete appearance and camouflage colours, offer some safety for those who need to be invisible. Street swags has empowered and brought together all levels of community. Corporate, and private entities donate funds to sponsor the street swags.

  • Prisoners sew, gaining work readiness skills and qualifications.
  • School children roll and package street swags with hygiene packs and on occasions knitted winter essentials.
  • Numerous aid organisations, hospitals, community groups and volunteers distribute them across Australia.

This is how we were able to respond so quickly to the Victorian bush fire disaster, with the help of the Salvation Army we had people bedded within hours of the fires hitting.



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